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How to create a direct mail campaign

Updated: Apr 21

So you've decided to make Direct Mail a part of your marketing strategy. Great choice! Direct Mail has some of the highest engagement rates, open rates, and return-on-investment rates in the marketing industry. Now that you have chosen to run a Direct Mail campaign, what's next? Let's discuss everything you need to start your campaign.

  1. Specify your goal

  2. Create a call to action

  3. Choose your mailer and design the mailpiece

  4. Determine and create or purchase a list

  5. Get started right away

Specify Your Goal

Specifying a goal keeps your content clear, concise, and effective. An effective goal includes:

Specifying your audience

Clearly state what you want them to do

Identify how this brings value to your audience

Detail the incentives or offers you will give your audience

The more specific your goal, the more likely you are to receive effective results. Keeping the above in mind, stating that your goal is 'just to bring in sales' isn't going to be very helpful in narrowing down what you want to offer, your message, your design, or your direct mailing list. A much better goal would sound more like: "Secure more spa bookings: alert young mothers nearby to our supervised, children's play area in our spa”. Stress that this service is free for all customers, and provide a coupon that allows them to receive half off their spa treatment if they bring a buddy.

ie: My goal is to encourage qualified, grade 12 students to apply to our university by alerting them to the services, classes, and facilities unique to our university.

Create a call to action

Now that we know what we want our audience to do, we can create a clear and impactful call to action. A call to action tells the customer what you want them to do with your mailer. Good calls to action are attention-grabbing, memorable, and include equally important, supporting information: what you want them to do and how you want them to do it? For example, you wouldn't just ask your audience to "Enter to Win", and leave the rest of the information out. Instead, you would fill in the details.

ie: Enter to Win! Go to or scan the QR code on the front of this mailer and fill out the online form to automatically be entered into our contest.