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Sales Position

The opportunity you've been waiting for.

Handshake in the Office

Apply for the position here.

Cover Letter & Resume

Thank you! You will hear back from us shortly.

Perks of the Position

A competitive compensation package.

You will be awarded a mix of salary and commission on a sliding scale. At the beginning you will be more salary-dependent.

An amazing, flexible schedule.

At Nupp Printing we have your back. Our employees are trusted to make responsible decisions with their time. If someone has a personal emergency or needs to request times/dates off of work, they have the freedom to negotiate that.

A results-driven training provided.

While we prefer someone with outside sales experience, we are prepared to train an individual (providing they are the right fit for our company).

A pleasant work place.

At Nupp Printing, we pride ourselves on our work culture. The superiors are easy to talk to and the atmosphere is light. We enjoy keeping ourselves busy but we also have fun.

Job Interview

Position Requirements

You need a vehicle you can drive.

We will not be providing a vehicle for this position and require that you have access to a vehicle you can legally drive during work hours. 

We need a willing traveler.

Our customers are from all over Pennsylvania. With such a range of customers, we require our sales representatives to travel across the state.

We need a quick learner.

Our sales representatives adapt to the changes and needs of the company, clients, co-workers, and more. We are looking for someone who can learn this position within a couple of weeks and adapt to rapid change.

We need a driven individual.

We are expanding and want to expand faster! Our sales representatives are going to be at the head of that growth. To keep up with the demand, we need someone who is driven to succeed on our team.

We need a personable co-worker.

We try our best to be great coworkers and supervisors here at Nupp Printing. We're looking for an individual that fits in with our team members.

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