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Order Online: Business Cards

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Want More Options?

If you would prefer to order something special we would be happy to print it for you. Either search through our specialty cards collection or simply get in touch with us via email to explain your project.

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Orde Businss Card Checklist

Order Business Cards
Via Email Checklist

Specify the amount of cards

Customarily cards are ordered in increments of 250 (250, 500, 750, 100, etc.). It is important to note that the more cards you order, the more you will save.

Mention if you would like a quote first

Asking for a quote slows down the ordering process. However, we do get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Remember that you need to include all of the information in this checklist when asking for a quote as well.

Choose number of sides

Typically, business cards are two-sided to better neatly fit information on the card. However, if you are looking to cut costs, single-sided is definitely your best bet.

If you would like it in color

If you have a double sided card, please specify if you would like only 1 side printed in color or 2 sides printed in color. If you're on a budget, printing in black and white is more affordable than printing in color. 

Specify any special sizes

Your typical business card size is 2x3.5 inches. If you would different dimensions, please tell us how big you would like them in inches.

Specify any special stocks

Let us know if you are looking for special color, thickness, textured, or non-paper stock to print you card on. Since there is a paper shortage at the moment, we will try our best to find your stock or work with you to find a close-match stock.

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